A group of volunteers along with Lighthouse leaders will work together to create a very professional hardcover yearbook.  We use the TreeRing website where members are able to upload and share photos with other members.  Photos are stored in Individual shared folders labeled for each club, field trip, and social event that occurred throughout the year. Each year, a new Lighthouse school code will be sent through email and posted on the Lighthouse members facebook page along with directions for how to either open a new account or access the current yearbook through your already existing TreeRing account.  Members will be able to order their yearbook(s) and create custom pages that will print only in their book(s).  TreeRing includes 2 of these for free and only charges .99 cents for each additional page. Yearbook volunteers will design a section devoted to our families and these pages will print in everyone’s yearbook.  There is also a section devoted to seniors and parents with seniors will need to download the required pictures for those pages as well that will go in everyone’s book.  The yearbook is sent directly to you upon completion.