1. Are you a co-op?
We are not a co-op, but we do offer co-op classes through our Lighthouse Learning Community, Compass.

2. What classes do we offer?
Classes will vary from year to year. See Compass for more information.

3. What are the LH graduation requirements? 
Students must be a registered Lighthouse member for both their Junior and Senior years to graduate with Lighthouse.  It is also required that Junior parents and students be willing to help with graduation planning and the ceremony on the day of the event.

4. What does membership include?
The leaders and parents together in Lighthouse  provide our students various activities and events as well as support for parents in a variety of ways.  See Member Benefits.

5. Where are you located?
Lighthouse is a Christian homeschool association with events happening primarily in the Wake Forest and surrounding areas, but we do not have a facility. We rent facilities if needed.

6. How much is membership?
Registration per family is $73. An early bird discount of $15 is offered for current members through August 15th and new families through September 15th.

7. What clubs are available? 
Clubs will vary from year to year. In the past, we’ve had clubs for all grade levels including airsoft, board games, chess, art, book, geography, golf, horse, PE, sports and rock climbing, just to name a few. 

8. What activities do you offer? See Member Benefits.

9. How many homeschoolers are there in NC?
For the 2021-2022 school year, there were 100,904 homeschools listed with the NC Division of Non-Public Education, educating an estimated 160,528  students ages 6-17.  NC DNPE Homeschool Statistics

10. Can my child still participate in public school activities like band or sports?
The N.C. legislature has authorized the North Carolina High School Athletic Association to govern and administer sports programs in all public high schools across the state. They have ruled that homeschoolers may participate in high school athletics at the discretion of the principal and with certain conditions. Generally, students may not participate in any high school sport unless they are enrolled at least part-time at the school. However, homeschool athletics is rapidly growing, and there are homeschool teams for middle school and high school homeschoolers in volleyball, soccer, basketball, baseball, golf, swimming and football in many areas throughout the state, with state, regional, and national tournaments as well. NCHEAC is a statewide homeschool athletic league. Lighthouse Sports offers competitive middle school and high school teams in boys & girls basketball and cross country, and middle school and Junior Varsity and Varsity in girls volleyball.
Participation in public school clubs and activities like band is not widely accepted, and is usually determined by the principal of the school.  Alternatives to many of these activities are available within the homeschooling community. Capital Christian Homeschool Band, Carolina Capital Homeschool Prom, and Wake Forest Christian Honor Society are three examples.

11. How will my child receive a high school diploma?
You will issue your student his or her diploma through your private homeschool, and it will be legally valid as indicating completion of your school’s high school graduation requirements.  You may create your own diploma on your computer, request one from NCHE or HSLDA if you are a member of those organizations, or order one from an online company or local provider. A very professional diploma is provided as a part of Lighthouse’s graduation.

12. How much does homeschooling cost?
This is a hard question to answer , as there are so many variables. However, a  general estimate of curricula cost would be $100 to $1000 per student, depending on your choice of materials, the age of your children, whether or not your children can share materials,  whether you buy used or new, etc. If you have teens, the costs will generally be more than if you have young children.  Besides curriculum, factor in  things like extracurricular activities and lessons, support group fees, school supplies, testing fees, and convention fees if you choose to attend any of these.