If you are struggling to get your event planned or executed, reach out for help! 

If it is an aged event, contact the pertinent Committee. If it is Lighthouse-wide, contact the Board. 

Occasionally events are canceled due to low attendance or lack of help. This is normal and will happen each year. It also encourages new volunteers to get involved! 

You will have occasional no-shows, no matter what policies are in place. Try not to take this personally. Please be patient with those who may occasionally forget an event. (see Attendance Policy)

If there are repeated no-shows, reach out to board@lighthousehsa.com for help.

The last few years have been transitional for Lighthouse and every other homeschool support group. What was desired in the past is not always needed now, & vice versa. Please keep this in mind and be flexible! 

Lighthouse has an influx of new homeschoolers/members each year. Please be encouraging, supportive and friendly to all attendees. We don’t want anyone to feel like Lighthouse is unwelcoming or full of cliques, as is common in other groups. Please include all children/parents in conversation, activities, etc. to make sure these friends feel welcomed! Let’s cultivate a family atmosphere where all are supported.