Event or Field Trip Guidelines
Sign up for the event or field trip, including your cell phone number and the names and ages of all children and adults attending. Pay any fees as directed by the deadline. Write the date, time, meeting place, costs, etc. on your calendar! 
Please adhere to any age restrictions or other requirements made by the field trip location or by the planner. Be aware that some places do not allow strollers.  
Call/contact the event/field trip planner if you cannot come; someone else may be on a waiting list. 
You may still be responsible for any fees if you cancel and a replacement cannot be  found for your spot. 
Supervise your children closely while at any event or on any field trip, and coach them ahead of time on appropriate and respectful behavior. We are representing not only Lighthouse, but also the whole homeschool community, and also our Lord Jesus Christ. We WILL leave an impression, and we want it to be a positive one! 

Inclement Weather Policy

Lighthouse does not have a facility, but instead uses a variety of rental facilities. These rental facilities may be the determining factor in an event or activities closure during inclement weather.  
Each leader of events or activities happening in that time frame are required to let the participants know of delays or closures of facilities.  
Leaders may also make a judgment call if no decision has been made by the facility. Please do so before your families leave their homes. 
We recommend following the example of the school district in which your  meeting will be held. 

It is your responsibility to check email, text, and voicemail before leaving your home if you know that other things have been closed around you. Sometimes a friendly reminder of what your area is like will help leaders to remember that some members travel further than others to get to our events and activities. 

Drop off policy

Be responsible for your children at all times.  
Most of our facilities are rented, and we need to remember to be good stewards of our rentals so that the next time  the facility will welcome us back. If your child is doing something  that might damage the facility or grounds, a leader may step in and correct your child. You could be held responsible  if your child damages something at a rented facility and Lighthouse is charged for repairs. 
Note there are NO “Drop-Off” events for Elementary. Most Middle and High School Socials are drop-off events and will require parents or students who are driving to sign in/out. Students should not be dropped off at activities unless they are specified as “drop-off” events or arrangements have been made with another adult to be responsible for them. In that case, the leader should be aware of the situation. 
It is good to talk with your children about expectations for behavior and good manners before attending any field trip or Lighthouse activity. If students at drop-off events are behaving  inappropriately, parents will be called to pick up. If the student has driven themselves, they may be asked to leave. 

Attendance policy

Be respectful of schedules and deadlines.  
If you have committed to participate in any Lighthouse event, please be on time. If you are signed up to chaperone, please show up. You should send your payments, if applicable, to the leader by the set deadline. If you are participating or volunteering and arrive early, please wait for the leader to get there. Because LCHA is a volunteer-led organization, we seek to support our club leaders, committee leaders, and event coordinators by making their job as simple as possible. We understand that illnesses and emergencies are unavoidable. However, leaders need time to adjust their plans if you are unable to attend, and we always want to allow waitlisted families to participate in events. Please consult our Absence Policy for more information on how you can help:

Please remove your signup/cancel your RSVP within 48 hours of the event if you are unable to attend. If you have signed up to bring something or volunteer in some way, please find a replacement for yourself or coordinate with someone to bring your supplies for you.
If 48 hours’ notice is not possible (we understand this is common!), please contact the leader of the club, event or meeting directly to notify them of your absence. If you are able and you have signed up to bring something or volunteer in some way, please find a replacement for yourself or coordinate with someone to bring your supplies for you. (If you are unable to do this, please let your leader know and they can help!)
If you do not notify your event leader of your absence, you will be sent a reminder email with the LCHA Absence Policy.
If you are absent without notification two (2) times or more, leaders may ask you to refrain from signing up in the future (depending on the nature of their club/social/event).