Lighthouse Clubs Rules & Guidelines

Lighthouse Clubs are for current members of Lighthouse Christian Homeschool Association, Inc. All of our clubs are self-sufficient, meaning you may charge a fee for materials or rental space (if applicable.) Since Lighthouse is a volunteer organization, you may NOT charge a fee as payment for your time for any class, co-op or club.

In order to maintain a safe environment for all children: clubs, field trips and all events where minors are present must be led by 2 (two) adults that are members of Lighthouse. If one leader is unable to come, please have a parent act as secondary leader.

Club details should be submitted via the Club Information Form to the Lighthouse Club Coordinator, and should include the leaders’ names and contact info, place, time, purpose, cost, age group, and any other pertinent information. This ensures that your club is listed as a Lighthouse Club and covers your club with Lighthouse General Liability insurance. Contact Calendar/Club Coordinator ( with the club’s expected dates to see if there are any conflicts with other events. Then contact the facility and arrange and reserve a time for the club to meet, note any requirements/restrictions, cost, etc. Also small clubs may be held within the homes of members. Lighthouse does offer prepaid space for clubs each year as needed. Please contact for more information.

It is expected that all class content and discussion would be compatible with  and uphold the Lighthouse Statement of Faith. Contrary opinions may be discussed in the light of identifying and upholding Biblical truth. 

Any Lighthouse club should meet the purpose of providing activities for  academic enrichment, social, or character-building purposes.  

Christian character and attitude (kindness, respect, honesty, cooperation) are expected to be displayed by adults and children.  

Conflict within any Lighthouse activity will be dealt with according to Biblical principles, found in Matthew 18. Children and adults who break the rules or display inappropriate behavior (ex. rudeness, profanity, hitting) should be spoken to privately and given the chance to correct the situation. In the event that a participant is continuously disruptive, then the Lighthouse Board would take action to place limits on that individual’s or that family’s participation in Lighthouse group activities.