Parent Organizer: 

In order to maintain a safe environment for all children: clubs, field trips and all events where minors are present must be led by 2 (two) adults that are members of Lighthouse. If one leader is unable to come, please have a parent act as secondary leader.

If your event is grade-specific, consult the Volunteer Organization Contact for contact information for the Elementary, Middle and High School Committee leaders. Contact the appropriate leader to make sure a similar event is not already on the schedule.

Contact Calendar/Club Coordinator at with the activity idea and expected dates to see if there are any conflicts with other events.  Please fill out the Club Information Form for any clubs you wish to start. Please fill out the Field Trips Form for any field trips you wish to coordinate.” . 

If you need to reserve a space, please fill out this Event Venue Request Form and contact the with any questions. (Note: Cost for facility rental will need to be collected by attendees or come from social committees’ predetermined budget- contact for more information).

Please email the Calendar/Club Coordinator at  with the information so that it can be posted on the Lighthouse website calendar.

Then post the event on the Lighthouse Members facebook page and the email io group with details, a description, and your contact  information.  

Signup for the event should be done through google docs or jot forms if money needs to be collected.

Do not pay for a trip in advance. Collect money prior to a set deadline.  

Post a reminder email a week in advance of the trip with a list of the names of those who have registered and paid for the event. Include a location at the event where you will meet your group. 

Please provide your cell phone number for directions, cancellations, parking, etc. on the day of the event. 

Arrive 20 minutes early to the event to meet the host, make payments, take roll, etc.  

Send a thank you on behalf of Lighthouse to the host facility.  

If applicable, send an absentee list to the Lighthouse Calendar/Club Coordinator.