Facebook groups and the email loop are great ways to connect with our members. You may post in each area your questions, announcements, club meetings, classes, and opportunities for homeschoolers. We ask that if you are posting for someone or something that is not a Lighthouse sponsored event, club, class or field trip that you please note at the top of the post that “This is NOT a Lighthouse Event”.

Many Lighthouse members find Facebook to be an easy way to share information, so Lighthouse has a private Facebook group for our members. This is a closed group, which means anyone can find the group on Facebook, but only members can see the posts. Visit Lighthouse (LCHA) members to join.
In addition, we have several Facebook groups focused on specific communities within Lighthouse. You can also request to join any of these: Lighthouse Buy, Swap & Sell, Lighthouse High Schoolers, Lighthouse Middle Schoolers, Lighthouse Moms of Children with Learning Differences, and Lighthouse Prayers and Praises.

We also have a public Facebook “Page” for our Lighthouse Christian Homeschool Association, which anyone can access. We do not post details about our activities or members there, but rather general information about homeschooling and about meetings that are open to the public. That page can be “Liked” but not “Joined”.

We also have an email loop you may request to join if you haven’t already. These are group emails sent by members about upcoming activities for you and your children. This is a good resource if you are not on Facebook or prefer email and most members join both.