Sign up for the event or field trip, including your cell phone number and the names and ages of all children and adults attending. Pay any fees as directed by the deadline. Write the date, time, meeting place, costs, etc. on your calendar! 

Please adhere to any age restrictions or other requirements made by the field trip location or by the planner. Be aware that some places do not allow strollers.  

Call/contact the event/field trip planner if you cannot come; someone else may be on a waiting list. 

You may still be responsible for any fees if you cancel and a replacement cannot be  found for your spot. 

Supervise your children closely while at any event or on any field trip, and coach them ahead of time on appropriate and respectful behavior. We are representing not only Lighthouse, but also the whole homeschool community, and also our Lord Jesus Christ. We WILL leave an impression, and we want it to be a positive one!