Be responsible for your children at all times.  
Most of our facilities are rented, and we need to remember to be good stewards of our rentals so that the next time  the facility will welcome us back. If your child is doing something  that might damage the facility or grounds, a leader may step in and correct your child. You could be held responsible  if your child damages something at a rented facility and Lighthouse is charged for repairs. 

Note there are NO “Drop-Off” events for Elementary. Most Middle and High School Socials are drop-off events and will require parents or students who are driving to sign in/out. Students should not be dropped off at activities unless they are specified as “drop-off” events or arrangements have been made with another adult to be responsible for them. In that case, the leader should be aware of the situation. 

It is good to talk with your children about expectations for behavior and good manners before attending any field trip or Lighthouse activity. If students at drop-off events are behaving  inappropriately, parents will be called to pick up. If the student has driven themselves, they may be asked to leave.